My Affirmation

Fulfill your dreams, reach your goals and make the world a better place.

My Affirmation

The My Affirmation service lets you create your very own personal affirmations and will send these to you every day. Once a day, twice, or even three times.

Positive affirmations are the most encouraging and inspirational words - from yourself to yourself. They will help you reach your goals. They will help you to stay focussed and in tune with yourself. You can also use positive affirmations to encourage and bless other people.

Affirmations Work

The power of affirmations has improved the lives of millions of people. When repeated, they have proven to help people create change and dramatically improve their life. An affirmation needs some time and repeating to settle and unfold its true potential. This is where the My Affirmation app comes into play.

My Affirmation is great because

  • it helps you reach your own unique goals
  • it is personal, thus most effective
  • it is really easy to use
  • it helps others: one half of your subscription will be donated to a charity organization

The idea

In fact, the idea behind My Affirmation is to help us all to "Fulfill our dreams, reach our goals and  - at the same time - make the world a better place". That is really the central theme of this project.


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"All I really need comes to me exactly at the right time and place."

"Happiness is a choice. I am happy."

"I possess all the qualities needed to reach my goals."